BCS 2018/2019 School Calendar available HERE...

The purpose of our school has not changed since its founding in 1977. “We are trying to affect the next generation.”

The theme for the 2018/2019 year is three-fold:

  • Passion – To know God above all things. “All other passions are built upon the flow from your passion for Jesus. A passion for souls grows out of a passion for Christ. A passion for missions builds upon a passion for Christ. The most crucial danger to a Christian, whatever his role, is a lack of passion for Christ. The most direct route to personal renewal and new effectiveness is an all new consuming passion for Jesus.”
  • Pursue – The action of following, or chasing after Jesus. “Jesus invites us to come, explore, to taste and see. We desire to see a generation stand in awe of Jesus; to fall in love with the wonder and majesty of who He is, and reflect that Glory to the world. We want not only to know His love, but to be, and have a reflection of that love to the world.”
  • Possibilities – Something that might happen with Jesus. “The world will change when we change. There are so many wonderful possibilities for a student’s future to know and to learn to love Jesus.”