B.C.S. Staff

  • Steve Moss

    Steve is the Lead Pastor at Boulevard Christian Church and serves as Superintendent of Boulevard Christian School. He and his wife Dawn have four sons and seven grandchildren.

  • Jerry & Pam Perdue

    Jerry has been the Principal of Boulevard Christian School since 1983. He also enjoys serving as the Coach for the Knights Basketball Team. Pam is a Supervisor for Junior & Senior High students, teaches Art, co-teaches Bible Application, and is Coach for the Lady Knights Volleyball Team. She has been on staff at BCS since 1982. Jerry & Pam attend Boulevard Christian Church. The Perdues have one daughter and three grandchildren.

  • Bernadette Beattie

    Bernadette began her service to BCS in 2002. She supervises our older High School students, as well as teaching the Spanish class. She and her husband Tom have one son. They attend Boulevard Christian Church.

  • Wanda Fulkerson

    Wanda is an Elementary Supervisor and has been part of our BCS staff since 2012. She and her husband Doug attend Timothy Baptist Church. They have two daughters and eight grandchildren.

  • Mark Haile

    Mark Haile is our HopeKids Supervisor. Even though Mr. Haile has only been working directly with us since Fall of 2019, he has been behind the scenes support for many years. He attends Brushy Mountain Church where he serves as Pastor. Mark has two children.

  • Laura Kovacs

    Laura became part of our staff in 2011. She coordinates our Reading program and is responsible for Parent Communication and Fund Raising activities. Laura is a graduate of BCS. She and her husband Kent have five children. Three have graduated from BCS, and two are current students. The Kovacs family attends Boulevard Christian Church.

  • Kerry Huffer

    Kerry is the Fine Arts Minister at Boulevard Christian Church and serves as Music Teacher of Boulevard Christian School.