delighting in God's amazing grace

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The theme for the 2022/2023 school year is "Delighting in God's Amazing Grace".

In my heart there’s a song,

A song about amazing grace.

It dries the tears from my eyes

And puts a smile upon my face.

Now there’s a joy down in my soul

Since to God I gave control.

That is why I sing of God’s amazing grace.

Oh, it was amazing grace

That really brought me out

When I was cast down

In fear and in doubt.

And it seemed there was no one to hear me when I prayed.

But God’s amazing grace

made a way.

It was by amazing grace

That my spirit was set free.

It was by amazing grace

That my body was healed.

When to Him I knelt in prayer,

At an altar He met me there.

His amazing grace lifted me.

You may ask why I’m telling

You about this amazing grace.

There’s no way of knowing

In your travels what might come your way.

There may be trials, temptations, troubles, and doubt.

Just call on Jesus; His amazing grace will lead you out.

~ Bonnie Wishum 2006